Youth Mentoring


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Over the past few years, Pathways Canada has been investing in research on youth mentoring and relationship-building with youth, with a strong focus on youth furthest from opportunities.

As a result of this work, we have developed a number of resources that may be helpful to researchers, program leaders, and practitioners. We also developed a library of academic and grey literature resources.

I will be sharing these in this community over the coming weeks. I look forward to discussions about research, practice, and helpful resources that can support research and professional practice.

I’ll start with resource that may not sound very exciting, but I think it offers a good introduction to seminal research on youth mentoring — an annotated bibliography on youth mentoring. It presents a plain language overview of seminal studies in the field of youth mentoring, excluding articles specifically about mentor-youth relationships (I’ll be sharing that shortly). For the purposes of this review, youth mentorship was defined as any meaningful relationship between a youth and a caring non-parental adult, in which the adult has the youth’s best interests at heart and helps to guide the youth academically, socially, behaviourally, and/or emotionally (Rhodes, 2002; Dubois et al., 2011).

I hope this work is helpful to colleagues who support young people through mentoring programs.


Youth_Mentoring_Bibliography_Nov2017.pdf (91.5 KB)

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Konrad this is a fantastic resource.

Thanks for sharing this.

I think some of the practices in the studies cited could be very helpful.

Are most of them accessible on the web?

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I do hope this will be useful to some individuals and organizations, and I plan on adding more resources to this thread.

Yes, some of the studies cited in the report are available online, others are behind a paywall. I will link to the available ones in the future posts.


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This looks like an excellent webinar for program managers and practitioners interested in group mentoring:

From the webinar description:

Group mentoring has become increasingly popular within youth-serving programs, in part because agencies can serve more mentees with fewer mentors. Yet, with few official guidelines, many organizations struggle to understand what group mentoring is, and how to integrate actual “mentoring” into their efforts. This webinar will explore several successful group mentoring models that have shown to be successful, including three mentors to ten mentees (3:10), two mentors to six mentees (2:6), and a third method that provides both 1:1 and group mentoring to their mentees.

Here is the link to register:

The webinar is scheduled for February 21, 2019. MENTOR archives all webinars so this one will also be available on their website after the 21st.