World Children's Day!


(Arti Freeman) #1

Today is World Children’s Day - it is an international celebration recognizing the rights of children all over the globe.

Across the globe UNICEF coordinates this day and gives voice to advocate and support the rights of children and catalyzing action that will make our communities provide the best it can for our children.

This year UNICEF launched the #Goblue campaign in support of putting children back in every government’s agenda and ensuring brighter futures for all.

At OTF we invest in the meaningful engagement of young people. We support projects that are designed, driven or implemented by young people to address what matters most to them. We believe in amplifying the voices of young people and providing them with leadership and other opportunities to play, connect, engage in the arts and environment, and prosper. We want children to thrive today and tomorrow.

OTF asked our staff’s children if they could fund anything for children what it would be. Here are some of their responses:

What ways are you supporting children and youth in your communities?