What is school for?


(MDuiker) #1

Seth Godin asks this fundamental question (“What is school for?”) about the American education system but it directly applies to the Canadian education system.

He suggests the education system is designed to produce interchangeable workers and promote obedience instead of being designed to produce the scholars of tomorrow.

If you want to hear more, enjoy to Godin’s 17-minute talk below:
(Pro tip: Play the video at double the speed to get the info in 8.5 minutes.)

I found this talk through his Akimbo podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes or listen in any browser here:

Do you think Godin has a point?

(Arti Freeman) #2

This is very inspiring. Made me dream of what the future of education could and should look like.

Teach kids to ‘connect the dots’ not ‘collect the dots’. ‘We are good at measure how many dots they collect - how many facts they memorized - how many boxes they filled in. But we teach nothing about how to connect the dots.’

We need a different skill set in the 21st C. How do we get there?

What is school for?

(MDuiker) #3

The video above was followed up with a podcast episode this past week in which Godin answers a few questions for listeners.