What is Mass Culture?


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Mass Culture is a collaborative initiative that strives to support artists, arts organizations and academic institutions across the country. The intent is to form a network of stakeholders, which, through research, will address cultural policy issues at organizational, sectoral, and governmental levels. A steering committee has been set up to review, listen, revise and update structures and policies within the Canadian arts ecology, while making strong recommendations for action as we move toward our bright, collective future.

Mass culture will address an information gap in the sector. A need for this work has resulted from the decrease in activity of the Canadian Conference of the Arts, which, over 67 years, established a strong reputation for arts & cultural policy leadership. Educational and governmental representatives have indicated that they lack a central location for reliable policy information about the Canadian arts sector.


2018 highlights from Ontario's arts, culture & heritage sector
(Liz Forsberg) #2

I’m really excited to have Mass Culture join us on the Knowledge Centre! I’ve been very impressed by the level of consultation and grassroots approach Mass Culture has taken in building this collaborative movement. It is so important to have artists and arts and culture organizations driving conversations about public policy in order to support governments in making informed policy decisions based on the realities of what’s happening in communities. I look forward to continuing to hear more about Mass Culture as the movement builds across the country.