What are your perspectives on LGBTQI2S+ Inclusion?

Egale’s 2018 Conference, IDENTITY: Canadian Perspectives on LGBTQI2S Inclusion, runs from May 23– 25 in Toronto. During the conference we will be engaged in conversations and learning exchanges using an intersectional approach to look at LGBTTQ+ identities and issues, including anti-racism and anti-oppression, Indigeneity and colonialism among others.

Take a look at this packed learning agenda and share your thoughts on the topics with us. If you are attending #IDENTITY2018, the world would like to know:

  1. Five good/new/notable ideas you heard today at #IDENTITY2018
  2. Two resources you came across. These could be websites, living libraries, clips, stories, hashtags, books, journals, playlists, etc.

Even if you are not with us in person, we’d still like to know your thoughts and perspectives on LGBTTQ+ #Inclusion here at the #ConnectedOTF hub!


A few highlights from attending as a presenter for OTF:

  1. Elder Blu Waters Land Acknowledgement notes placing 2S first acknowledges Two-Spirited people are the original settlers of this land.
  2. A great quote from The Commonwealth Equality Network Panel Mmapaseka Steve Letsike: Change happens when we are visible.
  3. Excellent resource for federal funding opportunities: https://www.canada.ca/en/privy-council/campaigns/free-to-be-me/funding-opportunities-how-apply.html
  4. A very moving public service announcement from the Canadian Olympic Committee’s #OneTeam initiative: https://olympic.ca/videos/oneteam-athletes-stand-up-for-inclusion-in-sport/
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