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(Ikem Opara) #1

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Ikem Opara, and here at OTF I am the Strategy Lead for Connected People. What that really means is that I am that guy who asks way too many questions and reads way too many answers about how communities can be made more inclusive and resilient. On this hub, I will be doing a lot of the same, but as time passes, I hope to be reading more of your answers than asking my own questions.

A few things about me:

  1. I currently live in Scarborough, Ontario with my family and one incredibly hairy dog.
  2. I have lived in various parts of Nigeria, southern Ontario, Tanzania and Cuba.
  3. I focus on focus on community development; cicvic engagement; diversity, equity and inclusion; all from a critical decolonizing lens.
  4. I’ve been at OTF for about seven years in a few different roles before this one.
  5. I like a great cup of coffee
  6. Jazz, hip-hop and all forms of African and African-diasporic music are the soundtrack to my thoughts
  7. I really dislike sandwiches (One day I may explain this!)
  8. I’m a techie, kind of a trekkie and definitely a blerd.
  9. I’m an avid tweet reader and above average tweeter here ----> @ikemopara

So, now that you’ve read this, tell us as little or as much as you want about yourself, and let’s get the conversations going.