Welcome to the podcast series: Shift Disruptors


(Tracey Robertson) #1

Welcome to “Shift Disruptors” – a series of featured conversations with people who are challenging the status quo. Why? Society is rapidly changing, and we are faced with problems that are even more complex. People are doing some really cool things to address these problems and we want to share it. We need new ideas and new thinking!

Shift Disruptors will showcase featured podcasts of individuals who are discovering new ideas to tackle some of the social challenges we face now and in the future.

In the coming weeks we will feature podcasts from:

  • Keita Demming, an entrepreneur, who believes you can’t just challenge the status quo, you need to disrupt it and;
  • Cheryl Rose at the Banff Centre on a series called “Maybe”
    Atkinson Foundation - Just Work It- a platform for podcasts and live events about decent work for and by millennials

We’ll also hear from innovators such as…

  • Mark Brand on the importance of tenacity in social impact work
  • Sarah Schulman on how to turn safety nets into trampolines
  • Nick Scott on how governments can innovate
  • Adam Kahane on how your enemies can be your greatest teacher

Feel free to share these conversations! If you know of others who are disrupting the system for social impact, let us know and we will feature them. Contact me at TRobertson@otf.ca or leave a message on the podcast post.

Watch out for the first one with Mark Brand on Thursday, Sept. 27th.

Cheers, Tracey