Welcome to the Middle Years

Welcome to the Middle Years!

The development of children in the Middle Years (ages 6-12) shapes who they become. It is a time when children engage in new experiences, become more independent and develop their self-identity.

Children become more aware of themselves and the world around them during the middle years. They experience the classroom in new ways, adjusting to school and learning to reason. It is also a time where they begin to spend more time away from their families in school and after school activities. Learning to get along with others, developing social emotional skills, and learning to achieve academically, are significant milestones for the middle years.

In order to better support the positive development of children ages 6-12, the Ontario government has shone the light on the Middle Years through the development of a research based resources and tools ‚Äė‚Ķthat help families, policy makers, service providers, educators, and community organizations better understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities that face this group of young people.‚Äô

Please join us from September ‚Äď December 2018 in the Middle Years Forum. We have exciting content planned as well as child development expert Dr. Jean Clinton responding to your child development questions, in a special segment called, Ask Dr. Jean!

We are also excited to learn from you and from one another! We invite you to share your knowledge, experiences, resources, and questions. We are looking forward to growing and learning with you so we can all better understand the nature of development in this period and support the positive development of these children!

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