Welcome to the Green Hub

Welcome to our new Green Community Hub, an online space where, together, we can explore how to encourage and support a sustainable planet (a fairly weighty task indeed!).

I must admit to being both excited and nervous about launching this new space (to quote one of my daughters, I’m “excivous”). I’m excited about the opportunity to create and participate in a dynamic conversation focused on how we can more effectively conserve our ecosystems and reduce our footprint. But I’m a bit nervous about doing so through this ‘new’ (or at least somewhat new to me) online medium. You see, I’m what you call a ‘techno-peasant.’ Sure, I have an iPhone, a Facebook account (I’ve already dated myself), and an Instagram account for my dog (yes, for my dog! I co-administer it with my teenage daughter). I’ve even recently ventured onto Twitter (@Thea_OTF). But beyond that, I’m still pretty old school. The world of blogs, hashtags and the like is somewhat foreign to me, but I’m hoping that with your indulgence, I’ll be up to speed in no time!

So, a quick introduction to me. In no particular order… OTF Green People Strategy Lead. Career ENGO person. Pragmatic environmentalist (or maybe “compromised environmentalist”… we can explore that at one point!) Lover of Canada. Family woman. Outdoor enthusiast. And now, rookie hub host.

With your input, I’m hoping this space evolves into one where diverse players across the environment sector and beyond – be they NGOs, academics, funders, First Nations, government agencies, industry players, or individuals – can come together to share, learn, celebrate, dialogue and debate. A place where the usual and unusual suspects can have honest conversations, leverage experiences and explore opportunities. Because, as we all know, saving the planet is pretty hard work! The more we can connect, share and learn, the better!

And now over to you. This space is really going to be shaped by you and what you want to make it. I’m here to help, but you’re here to drive. I’d encourage you to introduce yourselves as well – tell us a bit about you, your work, your interests, what you hope to see in this space. Post a question, share a resource, start a dialogue. And it would also be great, when you share things on Twitter, if you could add the hashtag #GreenOTF so that we can capture it here as well and extend the reach.

Thanks again for your involvement and I look forward to connecting. I’m excited to see where this takes us.


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