Welcome to the Connected People Hub!

(Ikem Opara) #1

Hi there.

I’d like to welcome to you to this space set aside for the exchange of ideas and learnings on what it means in practice to build communities where all of us feel engaged and valued.

Our identities and experiences shape our relationship with the world around us and the people in it. This is true for all of us at some level. In this space, we are hoping to explore the intersections between your personal experience and the work that you do. Our Connected People action area seeks to bring people together to build inclusive and engaged communities. In saying this we recognize that there are different perspectives, approaches, and tools that you have and can bring to enrich this work. This is the place to share those widely, learn what others are doing, and get their reaction to your work.

In keeping with the theme of Connected People, I also hope to see this space spark some connections amongst you as citizens and practitioners. I like to say that communities are a giant social experiment where we are at the same time the scientist, the test environment and the test subjects.

This online community is no different so please feel free to stop in, stay a little or stay a while. Get to know other members of the community. Feel free to share some things about yourself, your interests and the things you would like us to know about you, your experiences and your work.

Naturally we are connected to social media so look out for the #ConnectedOTF hashtag on Twitter, and feel free to use it to link what you are doing or something of interest so we can all share in your awesomeness!

Enjoy the space, make it your home and let’s learn and build together.

Thank you.