Welcome to #OpenOTF

(Ben McNamee) #1

Hello everyone and welcome to #openOTF, our Open Data Community Hub. This space will be a place to discuss all things data in philanthropy and the public benefit sector in Ontario. My name is Ben and I’m the Director of Measurement, Evaluation, and Business Intelligence here at the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Over the last decade, Open Data has been at the forefront of a shift in the data world. As the technological, financial, and administrative barriers to data fall, there is an incredible opportunity for the public benefit sector to jump in.

We hope that this Hub will become a diverse community of Open Data experts, techies, sector data leaders, academics, data geeks, and evaluation professionals. From pure beginners to hardened experts, we envision a community where we can all learn from each other how to better use data and Open data to improve communities in Ontario (and beyond).

I look forward to meeting and discussing with all of you who are members of the community. I’d love to hear from you about what excites you about data. Please introduce yourself to everyone.