Webinar: You’ve Got a Story, Now What Do You Do With It?


(Daniella McIntosh) #1

Join our Amplify Impact guest host, Rani Sanderson (@Rani), for a webinar on February 5th at 2pm ET where she will share tips on using storytelling to harness the power in personal narratives for positive change!

Post-webinar, visit the Knowledge Centre and join a discussion with Rani where she will respond to your comments and answer your storytelling questions. A recording of the webinar will also be available on the Amplify Impact Hub.

Register for the webinar here.

(Rani Sanderson) #3

Hi! The webinar went great and will be posted in the coming days.
I’ll also be posting resources, articles and some digital stories for you to check out.
I look forward to receiving your storytelling questions, so start sending them!

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Check out the recording of @Rani’s webinar: “You’ve Got A Story, Now What Do You Do With It?