WEBINAR: Evaluating Arts for Social Change & Community-Engaged Arts Projects

Back in May we hosted the Evaluating Arts for Social Change & Community-Engaged Arts Projects webinar with Dr. Annalee Yassi and Patricia Gray from UBC. They presented their online interactive evaluation tool developed through their work with the ASC! Project with the International Centre for Arts for Social Change. The tool is for anyone interested in evaluating an art for social change or community-engaged arts project, whether an artist, community organization member, funder, or researcher.

The webinar looks at how can we evaluate arts for social change and community-engaged arts work; why we evaluate and for whom; what approaches and methods can be used and what ethical issues emerge. It explains the concepts, theories and practical challenges involved in evaluation, while assuming minimal previous knowledge.

It demonstrates how users of the online evaluation tool can:

*follow a step-by-step approach to evaluation
*access examples from across the globe and different art forms
*obtain templates of questionnaires and interview guides
*obtain creative ideas; and interact with sample scenarios introducing a range of complex issues

Our webinar is now available on the Knowledge Centre for viewing or re-viewing at your leisure!

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