WEBINAR DISCUSSION: What makes arts for change work excellent?


(Liz Forsberg) #1

On Tuesday April 24th we were thrilled to have Pam Korza from Animating Democracy introduce us to their Aesthetic Perspectives: Attributes of Excellence in Arts for Change framework*. In case you missed it, the full webinar will be posted on the Knowledge Centre shortly. This is the place to continue the conversation about the framework! We would love to hear your thoughts, questions and reflections.

What resonates most for you in the Aesthetic Perspectives framework?
How might you apply the framework in your work?
What questions come up for you?

*The flexible framework describes 11 aesthetic attributes that can be observed in artistic processes and products and that contribute to the work’s artistic potency and social and civic effectiveness. Developed by artists and allied funders and evaluators, Aesthetic Perspectives offers pointed description, reflective questions, and illuminating examples to inform and inspire reflection, and dialogue. This framework is a valuable tool for artists, presenters, programmers, curators, critics, funders, evaluators, educators and audiences.

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Just note to add that Pam will be watching the discussion so if you have a question or feedback for her, please feel free to post it here!