WEBINAR DISCUSSION: How do Arts and Culture Make a Difference?

On Tuesday May 1st we were thrilled to have Barbara Shaffer Bacon from Animating Democracy introduce us to the Continuum of Impact Guide *. In case you missed it, the full webinar will be posted on the Knowledge Centre shortly. This is the place to continue the conversation about the framework! We would love to hear your thoughts, questions and reflections.

What resonates most for you in the Continuum of Impact Guide?
How might you apply this approach in your work?
What questions come up for you?

*This guide defines six families of social and civic outcomes that artists and their partners commonly aspire to and achieve through creative work. These outcome families articulate ways the arts contribute to making change happen. This webinar introduces the guide as a practical resource to help articulate clear and realistic outcomes that can guide project design and define indicators or evidence of change that can be observed and measured.


You can find a recording of this webinar as well as further discussion in this discussion thread:

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