Values that can help us all be better evaluative thinkers (Eval Thinking pt. 3)


(Stacey McDonald) #1

Another piece of info from the NSW Education Department’s site on evaluative thinking that really resonated with me was a list of values they share that we can adopt to be better evaluative thinkers.

These values are:

  • curiosity - where we are willing to ask questions that might not have easy answers
  • ambition - as we continually work to improve our processes and our impact
  • courage - as we question and challenge existing practice in ourselves and others
  • humility - recognising that insight can come from a wide range of sources and there is always more to learn
  • honesty - where we do not seek to bend the facts to suit ourselves or cover up ‘inconvenient truths’

I think like most people, I do a better job at living some of these values than others. Generally, I think people drawn to evaluation are typically curious, and willing to ask difficult questions. Am I right?

For anyone reading that isn’t an evaluator (you 3 people out there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), please keep in mind that most evaluators ask a lot of questions, but that it generally comes from a good place, and that we genuinely believe that asking tough questions is helpful.

Stay tuned for next week’s post on some good habits to put evaluative thinking into action.