US Roundtable Tackles Cultural Appropriation in Art


(Liz Forsberg) #1

ArtsEverywhere and Musagetes have teamed up with the NCAC to curate a digital roundtable of artists reflecting deeply on the depictions and ownership of painful histories. Seeking to achieve dialogue beyond the shallow depths of the social media debates that take up the majority of the air-time, they convened a group of artists to reflect on the following:

  • Does an artist of a dominant racial group have the right to make artworks about a story of core importance to a racial or ethnic group to which they don’t belong?

  • Do they have the right to make use of images, ideas or characters belonging to the traditions of culturally marginalized people when they continue to structurally benefit at the expense of racialized people?

You can follow this digital roundtable here.

While the responses are from American artists, these conversations and questions are just as relevant here in Ontario.