Upcoming data learning opportunities

(Jennifer Looi) #1

Interested in learning how others are thinking about open data and what to do with it? You may be interested to know about a couple of conferences coming up in May:

  1. GO Open Data Conference (May 3-4) in Toronto: Last year’s conference featured a number of speakers from municipal governments, non-profit organizations, and universities, with topics ranging from defining and responding to community needs to machine learning. Although this year’s program has yet to be set, it should be an interesting agenda.
  2. Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit (May 29-31) in Ottawa: The OGP pushes government to be more inclusive and accountable by bringing together government, civil society, and citizens in the development of action plans. Almost 80 national governments are represented in the OGP so this could be an interesting opportunity to learn from those outside of the Ontarian/Canadian bubble.

Know of any other upcoming events? Feel free to add to the list by chiming in!

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