Top posts of 2018


(Arti Freeman) #1

In 2018 we focused on Social Emotional Learning and the Middle Years. We wanted to share the latest research, insights, and amplify voices from the field. We had a child development expert join the the Promising Young People community and profiled other experts, evidence based programs and organizations.

Our top 5 posts from 2018

Most Engaged Segment:
1. Ask Dr. Jean - Dr. Jean Clinton joined us at the Knowledge Center answering questions from individuals. Questions included areas such as bullying, screen time, free range parenting, the value of play, social media and mental health, and more.

You can find a recap of the questions and answers HERE.

Most Watched Video:
2. Interview with Dr. Jean Clinton on Issues Hindering Development, where Jean talks about the rise in mental health issues and unpacks the connection between social emotional learning and mental health.

Watch the Video HERE.

Most Read Post
3. Toxic Stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)
What is Toxic Stress? What are ACE’s? How do they impact children? How might we prevent this? Read the post HERE.


Most shared spotlight on a program
4. Kids Have Stress Too
According to the Psychology Foundation of Canada “Stress among children is estimated to have increased 45% over the past 30 years. Learning to Manage Stress is an important life skill for everyone.” Learn more about their program HERE.

Most viewed Sector Insights
5. Supporting Child Voice Through the Arts
Hear about how to engage children’s voices through the arts from Culture for Kids in the Arts in this edition of Sector Insights!

In 2019 we will be focusing on Youth Leadership and look forward to your shares, thoughts, and resources on this topic.