Theme Thursdays: Why not to skip the stakeholder engagement


(Stacey McDonald) #1

Thinking of skipping over engaging stakeholder? Think you don’t have the time? It’s always worth it! Agree? Disagree?

I read a recent twitter thread that really resonated with me about the importance of taking the time to engage with stakeholders. To sum up, an evaluator was brave enough to share a story of their failure to engage with stakeholders because they were busy, had short timelines and had already engaged with them in the past on the same topic.

But it was still a mistake. Forging ahead lead to delays later and all that time saved up front, was more than made up for later. The evaluator’s lesson shared: “There is always, ALWAYS time for relational work and collaboration.”

I’ve done this before. I think we all have. I’m seeing the results of this is my work now. It’s so hard to pause, slow down and maybe even go back.

(Stacey McDonald) #2

I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic. It’s one of those things that is really easier said than done. Right now at OTF, the very first Grow grants are coming to a close under our new strategy. It’s nearing the time where we want to check in on the implementation of our strategy and identify areas of improvement. A large part of this work will be engaging with organizations across the province. I have no idea what this may look like yet - it’s early days yet - but i’m starting to think about it.

In preparing for this, I’ve come across the United Nations Evaluation Group’s Principles for Stakeholder Engagement UNEG Principles for Stakeholder Engagement Final Nov2017.pdf (1020.1 KB) I’m reading through it to try to improve our practice. If anyone has any great resources on this topic, please share!