Theme Thursdays: Let's talk evaluation themes and approaches

Welcome to our first Theme Thursday!

Thursdays is all about sharing info about different evaluation themes and approaches. For this first week, I just want to go over what I mean by each term.

Evaluation themes can cover evaluations in particular sectors (social isolation), particular types of work (advocacy, capacity development), or cross-cutting issues in evaluation (gender, evaluation and children).

An evaluation approach aims to address a specific evaluation need, question or challenge, and offers a set of methods, tools or techniques that could best address this need. A couple examples:

  • developmental evaluation was designed to support ongoing learning and adaptation, through iterative, embedded evaluation

  • participatory evaluation focuses on engaging beneficiaries of programs in the evaluation process

Have a specific theme or approach you’d want to learn about? Or maybe you’ve used a specific approach that you’ve found helpful? If so, please share on Thursdays!

I had someone ask me about looking at ethnography as an evaluation approach recently. Would love to hear your thoughts on that!

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Thanks @LForsberg! Look for a future post!