The Yin and the Yang of the New Economy


(Derek Cook) #1

The emerging new economy presents us with both the yin and the yang of the future. On the one hand, new technologies are opening up new production possibilities and bringing opportunities to populations and regions that have been excluded from progress until now. On the other hand, those same technologies risk making workers and occupations obsolete, de-skilling large segments of the labour force and driving the growth of precarious work with negative impacts on our communities. Business has the opportunity to shape the path we will travel, through new and innovative ways of doing business. This new report provides an overview of these forces. We invite you to read and reflect on this report and consider the following questions:

  • Will our new technologies lead us to an inclusive society where all people benefit, or will it lead inevitably toward greater inequality?

  • What role can business play in shaping either of those futures?

We look forward to your thoughts and anticipate a lively discussion.

New Economy - Forces of Change.pdf (704.9 KB)