The role of philanthropy in using data to address complex challenges: A global scan - Great new resource from Social Innovation Exchange

(Ben McNamee) #1

In late May, Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) released an environmental scan of best practices in using data for social good across the world.

(Quick plug that the work of Ontario Trillium Foundation and Powered by Data on Transform the Sector was highlighted as a best practice at funding enabling environments that allow data to be used by service agencies effectively.)

One thing that jumped out to me in this report is the recognition that there is a need for much better expertise and capacity to use data effectively in the public benefit sector. We can create all kinds of tools, apps, and collect better and more data, be more ethical in how data is collected and stored, but without the right expertise to pull meaning and insight out of data, it is all for naught.

There are so many amazing case studies in this report (from tracking forest degredation worldwide, to using smart-inhalers to better manage local air quality in Louisville, to giving data as a form of philanthropy), I encourage you all to read it and comment on which ones stuck out to you. Any others that aren’t in the report, that should be included?