The Power of Using Stories

(Rani Sanderson) #1

Here is an interesting article about the power of stories and they power they can have on shaping and changing the world around us. A lot of useful information on using stories to build a movement for positive social change in the work of non-profit organizations and in communities!

“Using Story to Change Systems,” by Ella Saltmarshe

I’d like to share a digital story with you about a commute, privilege, and questioning how we support those in need: “The Commute,” by Greta Isac.

I also recently listened to a couple episodes of the Guilty Feminist podcast that centred on Story (episodes 101 and 138) where host, Deborah Frances-White, discusses the power of personal stories, using stories around the repealing of the 8th amendment, Ireland’s recent referendum to remove the constitutional ban on abortion, as an example: 66.4% voted YES to repeal the 8th.

This is what swayed peoples’ vote:

  • 7% said it was through direct contact with campaigners;
  • 10% said posters and ads;
  • 34% sited the experience of someone they knew;
  • 43% said it was because of the stories of people they didn’t know, which were told to the media.

As Frances-White says, “What won this is people telling stories…your story is more important than your information… it is your story that changes the world."

"Stories build empathy and therefore they have the power to sway.”