The Importance and Value of Mentoring


(Arti Freeman) #1

We mark the end of Mentoring Month and I am reminded of all the mentors I have had throughout the years. I am grateful to all the people that invested in me and believed in me.

Mentoring is an incredible mechanism to support our own growth and development and that of others. It is a unique relationship that benefits both the mentor and the mentee. It fosters lasting friendships and gives us the strength to pursue our goals. Having someone to come alongside us and help us propel forward is a gift.

Having mentors and mentoring others is the single most important mechanism that I attribute most of my personal and professional growth to. A friend of mine once said that you should always have three mentoring relationships in your life.

  1. A mentoring relationship with someone younger than you
  2. A peer to peer (professional) mentoring relationship
  3. A mentoring relationship with someone that has walked the path of life a lot longer than you.

Be a Mentor

(Kris Erickson) #2

I appreciate the three levels of distinction, Arti, so thank you for this. Too often, mentorship is assumed to be (1) or (3). I am a strong proponent of peer-to-peer or “near-peer” mentorship in particular, but think that all three contribute to building social capital, an important dimension of what people often call “soft skills” - key skills PYP (or anyone) should be cultivating in themselves.