Take Me Outside Day - See Yourself Outdoors


(Ikem Opara) #1

Pick up any outdoor living, adventure lifestyle, active magazine and flip through it. Click through any of the millions of social media images shared across the globe of people enjoying the outdoors and all it offers. Regardless of where in the world these outdoor activities are happening, it seems the images we see don’t seem to reflect the diversity of the population at large.

Why is that? Most importantly, what are we doing about it? These questions led me to an interesting conversation going on with @MEC on seeing yourself outdoors.
Check out the “See Yourself Outdoors” initiative here and let us know your take.

What kind of outdoor activities are your involved in and supporting in community?
What challenges and successes are you having making them more #inclusive?

(MDuiker) #2

In MEC’s “See Yourself Outdoors” campaign they included these two videos:

(Thea Silver) #3

Interesting piece on this topic on CBC’s The Current on Friday…

MEC’s commitment to more diverse models in ads is welcome, if overdue, say critics