Spotlight: Classroom Champions

I was introduced to [Classroom Champions] three years ago. Since first learning about this program I have been extremely impressed with the depth and impact of this initiative on children, teachers, and athlete mentors.

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Some of the documented Classroom Champions Impact:

Students are significantly more likely to enthusiastically pursue their goals.
Significantly improved students engagement in school.
Significantly improved students exercise habits and healthy eating choices.
Significantly improved growth mindset in students.
83% of students said Classroom Champions helped them get better grades.
Reduced bullying by 63%
91% of teachers reported that Classroom Champions improved their students’ digital literacy.
97% of teachers report that Classroom Champions improved their classroom culture.
83% of athlete mentors said that Classroom Champions was an integral part of their successes in training and/or competitions.
86% of Classroom Champions teachers said that the program improved their job performance.

Because Kids Have What it Takes… They just need a Champion.

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