Social Emotional Learning through Inclusion and Equity

Why is inclusion and equity important to social emotional learning?

What are some practical changes we can make in our programming to ensure that children from all backgrounds and abilities can learn and succeed?

How might we ensure that every child, regardless of abilities, gender, ethnicity, race, and community assets, has access to social emotional competencies?

Does the design and environment of the learning opportunity matter?

I’ve been giving considerable thought to these questions. In doing so, I’ve come across some resources worth sharing below:

I’d also like to ask you to share resources and practical examples of social and emotional learning though equity and inclusion.

Pursuing Social Emotional Development through a Racial Equity Lens: A Call to Action

Embracing Diversity: Toolkit for Creating Inclusive, Learning-Friendly Environments

Do you have examples of social emotional learning programs designed with Indigenous Youth and Communities in mind?

Are you aware of social emotional learning projects that cater to the LGBTQ+ communities?

Are you able to share some good approaches to implementing social emotional learning in classrooms where the majority of students are newcomers or racialized?

Looking forward to this conversation!

Thanks for sharing these resources, Arti!

We at JUMP Math are enabling equitable classrooms and reducing anxiety among students through our evidence-based approach. In fact, we are hosting an awareness event to learn more about our work on June 7th. Here is more information: