Share your research or program evaluation report in our new Evidence Library!

Finding information about organizations, programs or approaches that are tackling challenges is difficult. Finding evidence that specific approaches have had some success, and why they’ve been successful, is even harder. That’s why we’re developing an Evidence Library. We hope to populate it with pieces of research (be it academic or community-based), that can help us learn more about programs, models, principles and approaches that are achieving positive change in people’s lives and in communities.

We hope this library can be a place where organizations can share and look for information about what’s working out there. Please help us grow this library by sharing with us your program evaluations, your research, and any research you find that can help us all work towards building up our communities.

Please email me at or write a post below if you have a great piece of research that you want to share.

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Thank you so much for sharing the resources! These are great evaluation resources, but not quite what we’re looking for in terms of the evidence library - which is more about research, evaluation, knowledge about programs, practices and models.