SEL through the Arts

A few months ago we had the pleasure of co-hosting a webinar with the Tamarack Institute on social emotional learning through the Arts.

The webinar highlighted ways that the arts can serve as a powerful pathway for social and emotional learning for children and youth.

We explored how the arts offers unique opportunities to foster social and emotional learning for children, youth and people of all ages with Sari Zon from Art Starts Toronto and Sheila Womble of Arts for Learning out of Miami.

Check out some highlights we captured in these short videos:

SEL & the Arts

  1. A unique range of opportunities for SEL
  1. Art Starts focuses on SEL Outcomes:
  1. Collaborative arts programs work in any community
  1. Arts for Learning
  1. Art Making fosters social awareness
  1. Art Making gives a voice to the Vulnerable
  1. Arts Participation benefits audience members

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