Resources for visualizing/working with data

One of the things I get asked about from time to time is what my go-to resources are for learning how to do more with data. Not all organizations are blessed with a big technology budget, or the kind of technical know-how on staff to do anything fancy, even though the appetite for looking at and thinking about data in the sector is growing. I’m starting this thread to share some of the (free) tools I’ve come across or used before, and would love to have people add to the list with their own thoughts, tools, and resources for doing more with less.

To get things started, here are are a few from me:

Piktochart - beginner friendly, handy resource for making posters, infographics, simple data visualizations, etc.
Data Wrapper - beginner friendly resource for making charts and maps, just upload/link your data and the program will guide you through the process
Trifacta Data Wrangler - handy for non-technical people trying to figure out how to clean up data in spreadsheets so that it can be used for visualizations, etc.
Tableau - feature rich, better suited for an org. looking to really invest in doing more with data, more technical tool with a free version, the paid version is common among larger orgs
Google Charts - leans technical, could be good for orgs looking to build interactive charts into their website - coding required, but lots of built-in guides