Research Snapshots: Factors in the Lives of Justice-Involved Youth

LFCC has been completing work under a Poverty Reduction Strategy Office (PRSO) grant since 2015, and an important part of the project involves researching youth poverty in London Ontario. Through this research, we have sought to better understand the factors and experiences that may contribute to poverty in the lives of youth, and the benefit of having a service coordinator respond quickly to their daily life needs. We have attached 4 ‘Research Snapshots’ which highlight our findings around how friendship, mental health, family, gender, and other factors affect the lives of court and justice-involved youth.

We hope these snapshots will lead to fruitful discussion with those of you involved in poverty research and youth engagement.

LFCC PRSO Snapshot 1_Mental Health And Poverty.pdf (201.6 KB)
LFCC PRSO Snapshot 2_Friendships Mental Health and Poverty.pdf (205.8 KB)
LFCC PRSO Snapshot 3_Family Education Community and Poverty.pdf (238.1 KB)
LFCC PRSO Snapshot 4_Gender and Poverty.pdf (199.3 KB)


Thanks @LFCC for posting about your work on building a more evidence based understanding of how different factors contribute to the lived experience of youth poverty. Are others seeing similar trends in their communities?