Putting evaluative thinking into practice (Eval Thinking pt. 4)


(Stacey McDonald) #1

Building on the last post, here’s another great resource from the New South Wales Department of Education’s evaluation resource hub and their section on evaluative thinking. They’ve created this great little video that outlines what they call the 4 disciplines of evaluative thinking (habits that we should adopt):

They are:

  1. Suspending judgement is being open to the possibility that things are not as we expect, challenging assumptions, and accepting that we may not know enough to have the answer yet
  2. Asking important questions such as, exploring why we’re doing something, asking if it’s working, and what we can learn
  3. Using existing evidence well is taking advantage of what’s already out there
  4. Strengthening our evidence base by collecting the right data, and turning data into evidence

To learn more, check out their Disciplines of evaluative thinking page.