Pro Bono Consulting for your organizational team


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Are you experiencing a problematic situation with your work team? Could you benefit from free consulting services?

A consulting team of University of Concordia Master’s students studying Human Systems Intervention could be your lifeline.

Who are we?

A dynamic team of four professionals with experience in HR, IT, Project Management and Social Services.

What services are we offering?

We are offering FREE consulting services to an organizational team (consisting of 2-16 employees,) with a problematic situation involving work teams.

Did you say FREE?

Yes, our consulting team will provide an organization with FREE consulting services as part of our Master’s project, in exchange for the opportunity to work with and learn from your team.


An organizational team:

  • Consisting of 2-16 employees
  • In Toronto or Ottawa
  • With a problematic situation involving a work team(s)

If you are interested in working with our consulting team from January-March or have any questions please contact to arrange a phone or in person meeting.

Meetings to assess project suitability will occur December-early January. Organizations with weekend hours of operation are encouraged to apply.