Poverty as lived experience


(Tracey Robertson) #1

Public opinion research non-profit Angus Reid Institute completed a nationwide Poverty as Lived Experience study earlier this year. This was unlike other studies on the topic as it focused on people’s experiences of poverty. We need to be aware of people living in poverty and how it effects their well-being.

Some of key findings were that:

  • 1 in 4 Canadians experience notable economic hardship.
  • 21% say an inability to afford dental care has been a chronic problem for them in their lives.
  • One-in-six are routinely unable to afford new clothes or good-quality groceries.
  • One in seven have struggled with inadequate housing – spaces that are too small or too far from work or school – throughout their lives.

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Looking at these experiences in aggregate, the Angus Reid Institute researchers are able to sort the Canadian population into four groups:

  1. The Struggling (16% of the total population),
  2. Those On the Edge (11%)
  3. Those who are Recently Comfortable (36%), and
  4. Those who are Always Comfortable (37%).

Now take a full look at the report here and let us know what you think? Watch out for upcoming interviews with the authors of the report.