Poverty and the New Economy: Stakeholder Meeting Summary

This report provides a summary of discussions at a stakeholder roundtable held in Toronto on March 26, 2019. At the roundtable meeting, 15 stakeholders representing diverse sectors and organizations met to discuss barriers and enablers to adoption of inclusive business practices, and to identify opportunities for greater inter-sectoral collaboration. Thanks to Lynn Ferguson of Social Impact Advisers for meeting facilitation.

New Economy Report - Chapter 5 - Stakeholder Roundtable.pdf (854.2 KB)


Thanks for being on the Inclusive Economies call today and for sharing the report with the group. I hope we can connect further. Perhaps we can invite the group to this space and keep it up here. What do you think of that suggestion? Joanna


Hi Joanna - Thanks very much for welcoming me to the conversation. Yes, I think it would be great to have the group convene in this space. We are working to build out a knowledge hub where discussions around the new economy can take place and where we can share resources. Looking forward to continuing to engage with this exciting initiative.