Opportunity for All - The new Canada Poverty Reduction Strategy

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Check out the video:

Please find the report here.

What are your thoughts?

(Derek Cook) #2

“Creating Opportunity for All in the Battle Against Poverty.” My reflections on the new Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy in the Calgary Herald. https://calgaryherald.com/opinion/columnists/column-creating-opportunity-for-all-in-battle-against-poverty

(MDuiker) #3

I specifically find the 2030 target to reduce the poverty rate by 50 percent from its 2015 level (p. 12 of the full report) to be a very inspiring line to draw in the sand.

Way to go Canada!

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(Tracey Robertson) #4

I agree! Thanks Mike. What do others think of the strategy? Is there something in the strategy that inspires you or concern you?


I wonder how the government is going to operationalize this strategy. Also, the definition of poverty includes a person’s ability to “acquire and maintain a basic level of standards”, how do we define those standards?
I think, people who work for non- profits community organizations need to know the answers of these questions. These are important information to identify families who are living in poverty, and to support them to come out of their situation.