Open Data and Grantmaking

If you’re interested in learning about what open data on steroids could look like for the world of grant-making, I recently stumbled across the following article: “An Open Data Approach to Transform Grantmaking”.

Although we have some open data sets available here at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, I’ve been increasingly thinking about what else we could be doing to improve what we have available. The linked article talks about a resource called the “Solutions Bank” that features the nearly 1900 proposals submitted for a uniquely large grant for a single proposal offered by the MacArthur Foundation. It parses the proposals into geographic location, subject focus, alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and a whole host of other useful descriptive information to help others learn about all of the other high potential initiatives out there that could be worth scaling up.

Building that resource took a team of 25 highly talented people, so it’s out of reach of for a lot of the less well-resourced funders in Canada. However, I think there’s a lot of potential for learning what kinds of data we can work towards putting out there.