Nonprofit Driven 2018 – Skills for Stronger Organizations


(Daniella McIntosh) #1


Thank you for joining us for Day 1 of the Nonprofit Driven 2018 Conference!

The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Ontario Nonprofit Network designed Day 1 of Nonprofit Driven with the goal of improving the effectiveness and impact of your organization. Whether you are an emerging or established leader, these sessions will enhance your skills and knowledge.

We hope exploring these topics - Strategic Clarity with Jonathan Bennett and Richard Fortin, Financial Management with Betty Ferreira, Community Engagement and Innovation with Sylvia Cheuy and Galen MacLusky, Storytelling with Rani Sanderson and Helen Liene Dreifelds – will help your organization.

Let’s keep today’s conversation going.

Share - What were some of the insights you gained today? What key takeaways will you bring back to your organization?

View presentation slides from Day 1 below.

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Financial Resilience
Financial Resilience_ReStructure Consulting 2018.pdf (161.5 KB)

Transforming Your Nonprofit Business Model
Transforming your Nonprofit Business Model_ReStructure ONN 2018.pdf (2.7 MB)

Building Authentic Community Engagement
Authentic Community Engagement Presentation_Nonprofit Driven 2018.pdf (3.6 MB)

Community Innovation by Design
Community Innovation Presentation_Nonprofit Driven 2018.pdf (2.5 MB)

You’ve Got A Story, Now What Do You Do With It?
Storytellling Presentation_Nonprofit Driven 2018.pdf (2.9 MB)

Strategic Clarity
Strategic Clarity Presentation_Nonprofit Driven 2018.pdf (3.3 MB)