New Webinar on Inclusive Entrepreneurship

(Tracey Robertson) #1

How can we ensure that diverse Canadians have access to the tools, supports, and resources needed to start innovative new businesses?

In this webinar we will hear from three distinct perspectives on inclusive entrepreneurship: Tamar Huggins, an award-winning serial entrepreneur and founder of DRIVEN Accelerator Group and Tech Spark; Sandy Kownak, is the Managing Director of Inspire Nunavut, and Chryssa Koulis, Managing Director of the School for Social Entrepreneurs of Ontario.

Our speakers will share their experiences in supporting diverse entrepreneurs and their thoughts on what is needed to support others who hope to follow the same path. This is a must-see webinar for anyone whose work supports entrepreneurship or employment skills training.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks to Tamar, Sandy and Chryssa for your insights and sharing your personal journeys.