New ROI - 211 report highlights rural unmet needs


(Rural Ontario Institute) #1

The Rural Ontario Institute and Ontario 211 Services recently collaborated to create an on-line platform for data visualisation of 211 call record data. The interest was in the “Rural Unmet Needs” 211 records and organizing the data appropriately which allowed both organizations to support a shared exploration of the utility of the information for human services planning in the province and at the local/regional level. We included regional non-profit agencies like United Ways, as well local government and health service planners in the review of the data. We also applied the relatively new remoteness index as well as categories of census sub-divisions by rurality to the data.

The report from the initiative is available at and and makes some recommendations about ongoing accessibility and interpretation limitations. A strong case needs to be made that this data is best used in conjunction with other information - both local knowledge of services and with other socio-economic data layers.

(Ushnish Sengupta) #2

Hi @ROI,

I read with interest the report on Analyzing 211 Rural Unmet Service Needs.

Has the related 211 data been published as Open Data anywhere?

I looked for it, but could not find it.

Ushnish Sengupta

(Rural Ontario Institute) #3

Hi @ushnish, please get in touch with Laura Smith, Data Analyst at 211, for the data.