New Book about Homeless Shelters called "Beyond Shelters" (James Lorimer and Company Ltd.)

Homeless shelters have changed a lot over the last 25 years. This book, called Beyond Shelters, offers essays from the front lines of homeless sheltering in Canada. Authors are experienced shelter managers from Corner Brook, Newfoundland to Toronto, Yellowknife and Vancouver’s Downtown East side who have each written a chapter on the future of homeless sheltering in our diverse country. The book is edited by James Hughes, former Director General of Montreal’s Old Brewery Mission and former Deputy Minister of Social Development for the Province of New Brunswick.

Canadians interested in the causes of and solutions to homelessness from a shelter perspective will enjoy Beyond Shelters.

Here’s a link:

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This is great! Thanks for sharing this book.

Everyone, you can read the first 60 pages for free at the link James shared:

This book is also available on

@JamesHughes, which author’s take on the future of homeless sheltering surprised you the most? Why?

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