New art exhibit explores the politics of data visualization


(Liz Forsberg) #1

Diagrams of Power is a group exhibit at Onsite Gallery in Toronto that showcases art and design works using data, diagrams, maps and visualizations as ways of challenging dominant narratives and supporting the resilience of marginalized communities.

Here’s an excerpt about the exhibit from MISC Magazine, a journal of strategic insight and foresight:

“Kicked off on July 11th, the exhibit seeks to explore various data representations – maps, diagrams, and visualizations that ultimately tell “inconvenient stories that upset and resist the status quo.” In tune with the theme of diversity and representation, a variety of works were selected from artists across various mediums and fields of expertise, including design, art, cartography, geography, research, and activism. Though the exhibit could have easily pushed a political agenda, it maintained an impressive sense of objective clarity. Onlookers were invited to bring in their own vantage points, lived experiences, and departing questions to each piece of work, rather than being told what was right or wrong around topics of power. How do we navigate inequality and historical wrongs? What does it mean to lack or possess power, and how do I fit within these different narratives?”

For more information on the exhibit, visit You can also check it out in person before September 29th at Onsite Gallery, 199 Richmond Street West in Toronto.