Municipalities and fully subsidizing recreation centres for those in deep poverty

I think that municipalities should heavily subsidize recreation centres for low income citizens. Our family member is disabled and on ODSP. Going to the rec centre is fundamental to both mental health, physical health and social inclusion. He does get a subsidy of 50% for which we are grateful for. But, still, it seems odd, when he gets so little money, has a terrible disease and pays $75 of his income to rent that he is paying just 50% less than doctors and lawyers, etc. at the same facility. There are many people in this situation, who would then just forgo going at all. I think it should be free for people living in deep poverty. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your insightful comment, Joanne. I agree that recreation centres are so much more than places to engage in activities but places where people feel connected and worthwhile. In addition to recreation centers, I wonder of we need to think about other places that could provide this connection and offer spaces that are accessible to all.


Thanks Tracey! Good point about other spaces and places and how they can help with social inclusion. Public libraries seem to do an awesome job of social inclusion these days.

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