Method Mondays: Mobile Data Collection

Did you know that there are mobile apps that can help you collect data? Mobile Data Collection (MDC) can be a really easy, cost-effective way of collecting quantitative data.

What can some of these apps do?

  • Collect photos, voice recordings, GPS coordinates, simple survey questions

  • Often makes managing, aggregating and visualizing data easier and quicker.


  • possible security risks - check that the apps’ encryption is strong and secure

Want to learn a little more? Check out BetterEvaluation’s summary on the topic.

Has anyone used MDC? Any lessons learned you’d like to share?

Thanks for this - Very helpful. We are hoping to interest the communities we’re working with to make use of hand held technology to gather stories, photos and information in our project. We’ve been looking at participatory use of technology in India and other places. Good to hear that others are considering this too. We’re way behind international researchers on this.