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MC Minds first Podcast has been released. Check out Michael Maranda’s longitudinal research entitled Waging Culture which examines the Socio Economic status of visual artists across Canada.


Hi @MassCulture! This is great! What do you have scheduled for your first few episodes?

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Hi! We will be releasing a new podcast every month. Upcoming episodes will include MC Minds Zainub Verjee, Narendra Pachkhede, Margo Charlton, Christine Pellerin, Sharon Jeannotte, Diana Carter, Judith Marcuse and many more.


Thank you.

To subscribe to this podcast on my phone will I need the sound cloud app?

Thanks for sharing the podcast here. I’m very excited that it’s now up and running. Michael Maranda’s work is fascinating and raises really important questions about how labour in the arts and culture sector is valued. It ties very nicely into our exploration of equity, diversity and inclusion in the Inspired People Hub right now! I look forward to listening.

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We hope to have the podcast up in Itunes soon. You can find it on our site or on voicEd.

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