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Margo Charlton with her research “hat” on discusses evaluative thinking, ‘artivism’, 360 degree surveys, and how to make art more accessible through research.

2018 highlights from Ontario's arts, culture & heritage sector
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I thought I’d just add for those who don’t know Margo, she is the Evaluation and Research Officer with the Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation and always has something interesting to say! She has done a lot of interesting arts research with TAC and outside of that role has done a lot of work on arts-based research methods.

In my previous gig as the ED of a community arts organization in Toronto I was fortunate to have partnered with her, TAF, YorkU & OCADU on an arts impact study of three Toronto neighbourhoods. Under Margo’s leadership we worked very collaboratively with artists and arts groups in each neighbourhood and spent a lot of time working with residents to define what they saw as cultural expression in their communities. The result was a very fascinating and expansive look at how people in these three neighbourhoods value diverse arts and cultural practices and forms of expression. I think this approach can really inform future research that aims to measure arts impact in communities. You can read the report yourself!

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