MASSculture: A movement to inspire a new era of cultural policy research in Canada


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This past Friday OTF’s Knowledge Mobilization team was thrilled to partner with MASSculture/MOBILISATIONculturelle to convene arts and culture leaders from across Ontario in the design of an inclusive engagement process facilitated by a team of OCAD SLab grad students around the future of arts policy research in Canada. Just what is MASSculture/MOBILISATIONculturelle? It’s a new collaborative initiative that strives to support Canadian arts and culture through the formation of a network of stakeholders who can address cultural policy issues at the organizational, sectoral and governmental levels through a robust research program. Read all about this exciting movement on their website:

The 45+ participants at the March 23rd session included artists, organizations, academics, funders and policy makers . For those of you who were there, it was a pleasure to take a deep dive with you. For those who weren’t, stay tuned for a consultation to arrive in a community near you over the coming year! The consultations will create spaces to “exchange information, identify cultural policy issues in Canada, and discuss the connectedness and sustainability of Canadian cultural policy research”. We’ll make sure to share the consultation dates here in the Inspired People hub on the Knowledge Centre alongside a report from our March 24th gathering.

One of the many important issues that came up was around the accessibility of language and how the term “cultural policy” may put the average person to sleep. It does not necessarily evoke a connection to peoples’ day to day lived experience. There was some interesting discussion about developing a new language vs keeping the term. Regardless of your take on that issue, what’s most important in developing this grassroots movement is ensuring that people understand what we mean by cultural policy and why it’s important to the day to day lives of artists, arts organizations, cultural workers and, of course, the citizens of Canada/Turtle Island.

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(and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them on the Knowledge Centre sometime in the not-too-distant future!)