Mass Culture Call to Host Gatherings on Cultural Research


(Mass Culture) #1

Mass Culture / Mobilisation culturelle is a new initiative that aims to address an information gap in the Canadian arts & culture sector through community-centered cultural policy research. In 2017, the initiative held 100+ one-on-one conversations about the current research environment and needs.

Supported by the Toronto Arts Council’s Open Door program, Mass Culture is engaging individuals and organizations across Canada to host a conversation about a cultural research topic. If you’re interested, the research topic would be something that matters to you and your community(ies) and, if needed, Mass Culture can offer help in framing and finalizing the topic with you. See examples from gatherings to-date.

These conversations may be small, casual gatherings, larger in nature, and/or connected to existing conferences and events. From Spring to Fall 2018, Mass Culture will provide logistical and financial support to hosts across Canada to organise conversations on topics of relevance. Based on the first pilot conversations, Mass Culture anticipates that Gatherings will result in stronger connections and future conversations on cultural policy topics within and across communities. The nature and content of these discussions will also inform how Mass Culture can support the development a nation-wide cultural policy research network and further support cultural research endeavours.

If you are interested and want to know more about hosting or participating, contact Fanny Martin, Engagement Coordinator, by email: or phone: 647-554-4069.