Looking to get your feedback & ideas to make this Hub useful & engaging!


(Stacey McDonald) #1

Posting this a few hours early for Weigh-in Wednesday… but I’d like to start this thread as a place where people with feedback for the measurement and evaluation hub can share it, as well as suggest any topics you’d like OTF (or the community) to spend a bit more time exploring.

  • Do you have any feedback on the topics covered?
  • Suggestions for new topics? (psst… please start off a new topic/discussion, but if you don’t know where to start, go ahead and suggest it here)
  • Ideas of how to reach more people?
  • Suggestions of how to foster engaging online conversations?
  • Thoughts on any barriers that might stop people from using the Hub? Any ideas on how to overcome them?

I’m posting this now because tonight i’m hosting a meetup in Toronto of a bunch of evaluators (eval café) supported by the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Evaluators Society. I’m hoping people at this meetup will chime in here with their ideas, but really, it’s open to everyone!